Student Survey Results

It has been an exciting first two weeks of classes. As expected, my students are more computer savvy than any previous freshman class. I’ve had at least six students ask if it would be okay for them to use Star Office instead of Microsoft Office for their assignment work –that’s a pretty good indicator of the overall increase in sophistication among my students. Of course there are still dozens of students that don’t know the difference between Windows and Office.

As mentioned in my previous posting, last week I surveyed 500 of the students in the traditional classroom sections of my Computer Literacy class to find out how much they felt they knew about computers and how important they thought computer skills and knowledge are to professionals. The results of that survey can be viewed at There weren’t many surprises in these results, but there were a couple notable items. My students seem to be well aware of the fact that they are weak in spreadsheet and database skills, and also in their understanding of digital technologies, business information systems, and information security. What I found to be very encouraging was the fact that they acknowledge that these areas in which they are weak are important in the job market. Check out the survey results for yourself. I would love to hear your reaction. Post your comments.

My philosophy has always been that no matter how much an incoming college student thinks he knows about computers and digital technologies, there is still a lot to learn between high school and job interviews.

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