Satisfying Student Needs

One way that I am increasing enrollments in my classes is by serving a wide range of needs. This semester, I was overwhelmed by the amount of students in my class that own Macs. By the end of the first week of classes, I had two sections added to my Computer Literacy class that cater specifically to Mac users. All I had to do to make the computer literacy curriculum “Mac compatible” was to swap out Microsoft Access for lessons on Mac tools and iLife. We use Office 2004 for Mac, which all of my Mac students already had on their computers. Fortunately, I have several Mac enthusiasts as TAs who were more than happy to take on the responsibility for these sections. We also have a Mac classroom on campus that hardly anyone had been using.

Here is the list of all the varieties of computer literacy classes that I offer:

  • Computer Literacy (traditional Windows version)
  • Computer Literacy Web-based
  • Computer Literacy for Mac
  • Computer Literacy II (Graphics, and Web Development)
  • MicroApps for Business
  • MicroApps for Business Web-based

Descriptions of these classes can be found at I intend to design a new class to roll out for Spring 2007 called “Intro to Digital Media” which will survey digital technologies for creating, editing, obtaining, and enjoying music, art, photography, movies/motion pictures, and games. The course will be based on Chapter 6 in Succeeding with Technology. I expect that this will be a big hit with the students.

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