Back in the Saddle Again

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I’m back! With a new job and a fresh outlook on life. I have moved from teaching Computer Lit in the Computer Science Department to directing a new Program in Interdisciplinary Computing. The goal of the program is to discover common computer skills across various disciplines at the university, and develop courses to teach those skills. I will remain involved in computer literacy/fluency as an author and developer, but now my area of research will extend into discipline-specific skills – computer fluency for professionals.

This evolution towards interdisciplinary computing only makes sense. Computing, and computer programming are no longer activities only pursued by computer scientists and engineers. Professionals in every discipline are leveraging computers and technology in their daily activities. Apply computing skills to work in every discipline produces new innovations and leaders in the global marketplace. For college students to innovate and lead, they must gain a deeper understanding of computing and how to apply it in their field. It is up to colleges to see that students graduate knowing a LOT more than Microsoft Office.

Students are ready to be challenged in this area. Typical college intro computer courses do not challenge today’s students. While learning higher level computer skills and computer programming is hard work, new teaching methods that are goal-oriented, and collaborative in nature, can engage our students. I am looking forward to dedicating my work to discovering what needs to be taught and how to successfully teach it. Follow my weekly progress on this blog. Also check my Web sites (, for course descriptions and materials.

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