Privacy in the Balance…Again

allseeingA new Bill is being floated in both the House and the Senate proposing that all Internet use should be recorded and stored by those that provide access to the Internet. The act is called the “Internet Stopping Adults Facilitating the Exploitation of Today’s Youth Act of 2009”. What does it spell? SAFETY! Yes it’s the Internet SAFETY Act of 2009. To privacy advocates its spells trouble and another attempt to spy on citizen’s online behavior disguised as a fight against child pornography. The act requires Internet Service Providers, coffee shops, libraries, schools, businesses, hotels, airports, and other entities that provide Internet access to begin collecting logs of each users online activities and storing those records for the period of two years. Efforts in this direction occur almost yearly now, and not only in the US but all around the world. Usually they are defeated due to citizen concerns over privacy. Those interested in privacy and protecting children need to let you opinions be heard by those that represent you in government.

Feds Propose Storing Internet User Data for 2 Years [Wired]
The Internet Safety Act launches a new battle on privacy [Christian Science Monitor]
Proposed Child Pornography Laws Raise Data Retention Concerns [CNN]

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