Stimulus Bill Passes

money_stackLast week President Obama signed his $787 billion economic stimulus package into law. Of the hundreds of provisions in the package, those having to do with technology and education include:

  • $220 M to the National Institute of Standards and Technology for research into technology with high-growth potential
  • $350 M to create a broadband inventory map of the country
  • $650 M Coupons, education and consumer support for the digital to analogue converter box program
  • $650 M for school computer and science laboratories and technology training for teachers
  • $2 B Advanced batteries manufacturing grants
  • $2.5 B NSF Research
  • $4.3 B to provide wireless and broadband infrastructure to communities
  • $4.5 B to develop “smart power grids” that will help the nation save money and electricity
  • $17 B increase in Pell Grants and other student aid
  • $40 B to states for education budgets to prevent cutbacks and modernize schools

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