Google Cloud Print

You’ve heard of cloud computing, where software and data are accessed from Internet servers. Google unveiled a plan to move printing to the cloud. Google Cloud Print would solve the growing problem of being unable to print from mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. With Google Cloud Print, the printer software and drivers are stored in the cloud to act as a link between all types of computers and all types of printers. The technology will require printers to become “cloud-aware,” acquiring the ability to connect to Internet servers to receive print jobs. Google Cloud Print would make it possible for a user on any Internet-connected device to print to any specified Internet-connected printer on which the user has an account. Imagine printing text messages from your cell phone, or email from your iPad, as well as spreadsheets from your notebook computer, or game scores from your xbox 360. With cloud printing, users would no longer have to bother with installing printers and drivers on their computers, and keeping them up to date. Google Cloud Print would maintain up-to-date software and drivers for all printers. Not coincidentally, Google Cloud Print would be an ideal solution for printing from Google’s Apps and the upcoming Google Chrome operating system.

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