Technology 2011 and Beyond

This is the week that technology analysts and corporations make predictions about technologies that will become important in 2011 and beyond. Here’s a short summary of what some of the big names are predicting.

Intel predicts that big technologies in 2011 will include smart TVs, hybrid tablets/netbooks, and perceptual computers that can recognize objects. GPS combined with other sensors will enable on-the-spot recommendations for users, ushering in the era of the semantic Web. Intel also says 2011 will see the rise of digital billboards like those shown in the movie Minority Report, and a surge in home energy-management devices. As for Moore’s Law, Intel says that it is alive and well in 2011.

IBM predicts that in 2011 and beyond we will see the birth of glassless 3-D Telepresence, further blurring the line between the virtual and reality. The company also sees the evolution of personalized computing. GPS-equipped smartphones, car-based computer systems, along with real time traffic and parking information will eliminate traffic jams. IBM says that over the next 5 years mobile device batteries will hold a charge 10 times longer than current batteries and will recharge from air or static electricity generated by the user. IBM sees sensors being embedded in everything including vehicles, devices, and facilities allowing users to become “citizen scientists” assisting researchers in collecting and analyzing data.

Industry research firm, Forrester, predicts that 2011 will see tremendous growth in cloud computing including cloud applications that will bring high-performance computing to the masses. IDC predicts that HTML5 will begin replacing HTML on mainstream Web sites in 2011. But Flash and Silverlight will not go away.

NewsFactor Network predicts that 2011 will be the year of the tablet computer with a wide variety of makes and models coming to market. It predicts new competition for Facebook and Twitter likely coming from Google and other big companies. Newsfactor agrees that cloud computing will become even more popular in 2011 and that we will see growth in mega hard drives up to 3 TB in size along with larger, more affordable SSDs. NewsFactor also thinks the arrival of “three stream” wireless routers will have a big impact on networks, making it possible to stream different types of data simultaneously so you can stream music, download files, and surf the Web without interruption. 802.11n and USB 3.0 will become widespread and growth for Google Android and Windows Phone 7 smart phones to compete stronger against the iPhone and Blackberry.

To sum it up, it seems that everyone agrees that 2011 is all about speedier wireless networks, more amazing smart phones and tablets, cloud computing, and personalized computing services or what some refer to as the semantic Web.

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