iPhone Finally Comes to Verizon

Some stories are so big, that talking about them even a few days after they occur seems like your reporting old news. Last Monday Verizon announced that it would begin selling the iPhone. The news was so big that every major news organization was spotlighting it within minutes of the announcement and continued hashing it out throughout the week until most of us are tired of hearing about it.

Some are wondering what all the excitement is about. Well it is big news for the industry, and its a mighty big industry. The iPhone coming to Verizon is nearly as big a story as when the original iPhone was release. Unlike its original release, today the public knows what a huge success and major game-changer the iPhone is. Until now, only AT&T has been able to sell the iPhone in the U.S, and still the iPhone has become the number 1 selling smart phone in the country. Now, just when Android phones are catching up with the iPhone in market share, the iPhone is released to much of the remaining population. This poses a number of questions. How successful will the iPhone be on Verizon? How many users will leave AT&T and switch to Verizon? How long before the iPhone is released to other carriers like TMobile and Sprint?

The iPhone 4 that was released on AT&T’s GSM network last summer had to be redesigned to run on Verizon’s CDMA network. While data plan prices have not yet been announced, Verizon is advertising that the iPhone will support mi-fi functionality, allowing several computesr to wirelessly connect to the Internet through the handset’s cellular connection. Still there’s one drawback. CDMA networks don’t support data and voice simultaniously, so Verizon users will have to log off the Internet to accept phone calls.

With both AT&T and Verizon busy rolling outLTE 4G networks, many speculate that the next iPhone will be designed for the much faster 4G networks. We’ll find out soon enogh when the iPhone 5 is released next summer.

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