Wikileaks Releases 251,000 Confidential Government Documents

Wikileaks is the target or widespread criticism for recently publishing its full collection of 251,000 uncensored classified U.S. government documents. The whistle-blowing website had previously released only a relatively small amount of the leaked documents with portions of the documents edited out in order to protect individuals. This week all of the documents were made public, with nothing edited out. The Fed strongly condemned Wikileaks for compromising national security, endangering sensitive global relations, and putting lives in danger. Several mainstream media corporations, including the New York Times, have broken ties with Wikileaks over what they call wikileaks’ unethical behavior. Wikileaks blames a German journalist for publishing the information needed to access the documents, while others suspect Wikileaks made the information easy to access in hopes of the documents being discovered and released.

The secrets that the documents contain, will no doubt make front page news over the next weeks, as pressure from governments to shut down Wikileaks and arrest Wikileaks founder Julian Assange intensifies.

Interestingly, the Wikileaks site was attacked and taken down for several hours shortly after the release of the documents.

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