Apps and App Stores

App stores and marketplaces are transforming the way developers interact with users, and the way users find and acquire software. The iTunes app store and the Android Marketplace each boast hundreds of thousands of apps. Apple just purchased a company by the name of Chomp that should help Apple users find useful apps hidden like needles in a haystack. A new study released by Canalys found that on average iPhone apps are significantly less expensive than Android apps. The average price of Android Market’s top 100 is $3.74 per Android app, vs. $1.47 per iPhone app in the iTunes App Store. Meanwhile, Mozilla, maker of the popular Firefox browser, is planning to open its own app store. The Mozilla Marketplace will feature apps that will run on any platform in any browser that supports HTML 5. The latest version of HTML supports all kinds of application development in the browser including games, media, music, productivity and others.

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