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Apple unveiled new Macbook Pros at its developers’ conference last week. The new Macbook Pros are thinner than current models and feature Retina displays that double the density of pixels for ultra-high resolution. The new Macbook Pros also boast Intel’s new quad-core i7, the new GeForce Kepler graphics card, and solid state drives, producing the best possible performance. Apple also announced that it has developed its own Maps app which will replace Google Maps on future generations of iOS on iPhones and iPads. Launching its own Maps app will reduce Apple’s dependence on Google, and will allow Apple to innovate independently, including providing its own turn-by-turn navigation feature and tightening up its integration with Siri. Apple is expanding Siri’s resources by allowing it to tap into sports data from Yahoo, restaurant info from yelp, and movie trailers and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. Apple hopes that its mobile users will turn to Siri before resorting to a Google search. The new version of iOS will feature embedded integration with Facebook, providing the opportunity for users to post to Facebook from a variety of iPhone and iPad apps. Apple’s new direction includes partnering with other tech companies that excel in areas where Apple is weak.

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