January 7 – 13, 2013

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This week’s headline story: CES 2013

ces2013The Consumer Electronics show, better known as CES, took place last week in Las Vegas. The annual event provides a peek at new technologies and soon-to-be-released technology products. Among this years most notable CES exhibits were:

  • lots of bigger and smarter TVs with ultrahigh definition
  • a new line of more powerful processors from Qualcomm that will allow mobile phones to record ultra-HD video
  • a new 8-CORE processor from Samsung for mobile devices
  • gesture controls for automobile systems
  • wrist watches that act as remote controls to mobile phones.
  • and a host of other less serious products such as Parrot’s Flower Power, the Hapifork, and the iPotty.

Read about all of these innovations by following the links in the show notes.

and elsewhere in Tech News.

  • The FCC has announced that it will open a new batch of wireless spectrum to bring faster and more reliable access to public WiFi hotspots. The commission will free up 190 Mhz of spectrum, the largest block of unlicensed spectrum to be made available for WiFi since 2003. The additional spectrum will be especially useful for crowded locations like airports, sporting events, and convention centers.
    FCC Aims to Expand WiFi Highway [Ecommerce Times]
  • A private delegation including Google’s Eric Schmidt made a visit to North Korea on what they described as a humanitarian mission. The group received tours of North Korean facilities and called for Internet openness for North Korea’s citizens, a moratorium on missile launches and nuclear tests, and humane treatment for an American citizen detained there. The visit has been criticized for appearing to hijack U.S. diplomacy and boost Pyongyang’s profile after North Korea’s latest, widely condemned rocket launch.
    Google’s Schmidt Calls for Open Internet in North Korea [NewsFactor]
  • We’ve all become accustomed to finding and downloading new apps to our mobile phones. Soon we may be downloading apps to our car. GM and Ford have announced new software development kits – or SDKs for software developers to use to create apps that interact with in-vehicle controls, displays, voice-recognition features and other vehicle systems.
    Ford Motor Rolls Out Red Carpet for App Developers [NewsFactor]
    GM and Ford Open Up Their Vehicles to App Developers [Technology Review]

and in Information Security news this week…

and in Tech Industry news…

  • Struggling former mobile handset king Nokia may be experiencing something of a comeback thanks to sales of its Windows-based Lumia handsets. Last year Nokia implemented a last ditch strategy to stay afloat by replacing its outdated Symbian phones with phones running Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. Now, with the release of Windows Phone 8, the strategy is being tested for the first time, as Nokia together with Microsoft struggle to stay competitive against Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android products.
    Lumia Sales, Surprisingly, Boost Nokia’s Revenue [NewsFactor]
  • Microsoft has reasserted its dominance in the enterprise with a $617 million deal with the US Department of Defense. Under the three-year deal, the Air Force, Army and Defense Information Systems Agency will have access to software including Microsoft Office 2013, SharePoint 2013 Enterprise and Windows 8. The DoD says the deal will help streamline costs and foster inter-agency collaboration.
    Microsoft Defends Enterprise Turf With Big Pentagon Deal [Ecommerce Times]

and finally….

  • Showrooming is the name given to the practice of visiting stores in order to try out products that you intend to purchase online. Retail giant Target is taking a stance against showrooming by offering to match the price of any online deal that shoppers may discover while in Target stores.
    Target Fights Showrooming With Price-Matching Scheme [Ecommerce Times]

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