Nov 3 – 9

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This week’s headline story: Twitter’s IPO

twitterTwitter had a big day Thursday when the company went public. Twitter’s initial public offering price was set at $26 a share, but by the close of the day was selling for $44.90. There are 70 million TWTR shares available on the New York Stock Exchange, giving the company a market value of $31 billion. Compare this to Facebook shares that are selling at near $50 a share, giving the company a market value of over $100 billion.

and elsewhere in Tech News.

  • Passengers Face Quirks Using Gadgets for Entire Flight [NewsFactor]
    Travelers are celebrating the news that the use of electronic devices will soon be permitted during all portions of a flight. However, there are some caveats worth noting about the lifting of the regulations. First off, cell phone use will remain regulated, so you needn’t worry about having to listen in on your neighbor’s phone conversations. Also, notebook computers and larger devices will need to be stowed during takeoff an landing just like carryons. Tablets may need to be placed in the seat-back pouch. Finally, it will take a while for the airlines to integrate the change in policies into their routines. While the FAA has approved the use of electronics devices, it is up to the airlines to modify their own policies on their own timetable. So you’ll still need to listen to flight attendants as they instruct you to switch off your devices for safety or face being thrown off your flight.

and in Information Security news this week..

  • Behind the Million-Dollar Bitcoin Hack [NewsFactor]
    You’ve probably heard of the virtual currency named Bitcoin. It is the first user-powered, decentralized, peer-to-peer payment network with no central authority or middlemen. From a user perspective, Bitcoin’s creators describe it as cash for the Internet. Well the first Bitcoin bank heist has occurred. Hackers swiped more than $1 million worth of Bitcoins from, which goes by the public-facing name TradeFortress. The site owner waited weeks to tell its customers about the theft of 4,100 Bitcoins in two separate hack attacks.
  • Hacktivist Group Targeting [NewsFactor]
    A hacktivist group named Destroy Obama Care, is offering software you can download that attacks with a distributed denial of service attack. It is likely that distribution if not use of the software is illegal.

and in Tech Industry news…

  • Gogo Offers Talk, Text via Wi-Fi at 10,000 Feet [NewsFactor]
    Even though the new FAA policies don’t approve cell phones for in-flight use, GoGo in-flight Internet service will soon provide a loophole. GoGo will soon provide an app that allows passengers to use their in-flight Internet connection to make cell phone calls and send and receive text messages.
  • Did Google Really Solve the Barge Mystery? [NewsFactor]
    Last week I reported that Google may be building floating data centers. This week Google announced that the barges it has docked near San Francisco and Portland will ultimately become interactive learning centers. Some are sceptical about Google’s announcement guessing that it is intended to keep the real purpose of the barges secret until Google is ready to unveil their true purpose.

and finally…

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