#360 May 05, 2014 – Challenges for Google+

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This week’s headline story: Challenges for Google+

googecloudAfter eight years at Google, Vic Gundotra is leaving the company. Gundotra had been in charge of Google Plus as the company’s Senior VP of Social. Although it boasts more than 500 million users, Google Plus is still struggling to lure people into hanging out on its service for as long as they do on Facebook. And even with its rapid growth, Google Plus is still less than half the size of Facebook, which ended March with nearly 1.3 billion users and also boasts one of the most popular applications on smartphones and tablets.

A few days after Vic Gundotra suddenly announced his departure from the company, Google began testing a new sign-in button for third-party developers around the Internet that replaces the Google+ branding. The two developments seem to suggest that Google may be getting ready to shut down Google+ or no longer emphasize it as one of its top products.


and elsewhere in Tech News.

  • Google: Driverless Cars Are Mastering City Streets [Product Design and Development Network]

    Google engineers say they have turned a corner in their pursuit of creating a car that can drive itself. Test cars have been able to navigate freeways comfortably for a few years. Google said the cars can now negotiate thousands of urban situations that would have stumped them a year or two ago. “We’re growing more optimistic that we’re heading toward an achievable goal — a vehicle that operates fully without human intervention,” project director Chris Urmson wrote. The company has a goal to get the technology to the public by 2017.

and in Information Security news this week..

  • Microsoft Races To Patch Major Flaw in Internet Explorer [NewsFactor]

    There’s a major security bug in every version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser that could give hackers complete control of users’ PCs. The good news is that Microsoft is racing to find a fix for the bug. The bad news is that businesses still running Windows XP won’t be safe if they’re also using Internet Explorer because they won’t get the fix since Microsoft has discontinued its support of Windows XP.

and in Tech Industry news…

  • Firefox Undergoes Major Redesign, Takes on Modern Look [NewsFactor]

    Mozilla’s Firefox web browser has undergone a major redesign taking on a modern look. Browser tabs are rounded and will fade into the background when not in use. The new Firefox also includes a ‘Customize’ tool that transforms Firefox into a powerful customization mode where users can add or move any feature, service or add-on.”

  • Netflix Pays Verizon for Better Internet Access [NewsFactor]

    Netflix will be paying Verizon for a direct connection to its network in order to ramp up movie streaming speeds for its customers. Recently Netflix arranged a similar deal with Comcast. Ultimately Netflix customers will be picking up the bill for improved services through higher monthly rates.

and finally…

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