#374 Aug 11, 2014 – Russian Hackers Hijack 1.2 Billion Web Credentials

This week’s headline story: Russian Hackers Hijack 1.2 Billion Web Credentials hackerCriminals in Russia have amassed a huge database of 1.2 billion stolen user names and passwords and half a billion email addresses, a U.S.-based Internet security company reports. The data, believed to be the single biggest horde of stolen Internet identity information ever collected, was garnered from attacks that reached into every corner of the Web and hit around 420,000 sites. The sheer scale of the database dwarfs previous data breaches such as last year’s Target breach that affected 40 million credit and debit card numbers and 70 million personal records. “These guys did nothing new or innovative,” said one security analyst, “They just did it better and on a mass level so it affects absolutely everybody.”

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  • Map and navigation apps are about to get much more interesting thanks to the US relaxing its rules governing access to satellite imagery. Up until recently, only the government was allowed access to high-resolution satellite imagery. Not any more! Lockheed Martin will be launching a high-resolution satellite this week that will provide extra-sharp pictures with detail down to the 10-inch level. The new satellite will lead to much nicer imagery in online mapping services from companies like Google and Microsoft, although it will take another 6 months to start harvesting those images.First satellite with high-resolution public imaging launches on August 13th [Engadget]
  • The San Jose Police Department is butting heads with the FAA over use of its newly acquired drone. SJPD says it doesn’t need FAA approval to fly its drone, while the FAA disagrees.San Jose Police Department says FAA can’t regulate its drone use [ars technica]
  • You will soon be able to reach 911 emergency dispatch centers from your cell phone! The U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted Friday to require U.S. mobile carriers and many text-messaging apps to enable users to text emergency dispatch centers by the end of the year.FCC mandates emergency texting services from carriers, texting apps [Computerworld]

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  • The FCC is now taking public comments and petitions regarding AT&T’s proposed $48.5 billion purchase of DirecTV. This is one of the first steps of a review process in which the FCC will determine whether the acquisition is in the public’s interest.Tell the government what you think about AT&T buying DirecTV [ars technica]

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