#417 June 15th, 2015 – Snowden Endangers US and UK Agents Abroad

This week’s headline story: Snowden Endangers US and UK Agents Abroad

  • Russia and China cracked Snowden’s files, identified U.S., UK spies [Computerworld]

    Bond-007Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor and leaker Edward Snowden has become a hero to some for uncovering massive government surveillance efforts that cross the line on public privacy and civil rights. Recent events shed a different light on the information he leaked. Russian and Chinese intelligence agencies have reportedly decrypted files provided by Snowden, identifying active British and U.S. secret agents and endangering their lives. MI6, the U.K.’s secret intelligence service, has withdrawn agents from overseas operations in hostile countries.

in Information Security News…

  • Foreign Agents Hack Kaspersky Security Firm [NewsFactor]
    In an ironic twist of fate, the organization responsible for uncovering major data breaches, and building defenses against such breaches, has been breached itself. Kaspersky Lab has been attacked by hackers, and while no important data was compromised, the breach was both sophisticated and stealthy, implying that the hackers were working on behalf of a national government.
  • Federal Union Says OPM Breach Hit Every Federal Employee [NewsFactor]
    The June 4th breach at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) was apparently much worse than originally reported, according to the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). The group says hackers most likely have all the personal information of every federal employee, including Social Security number, military records and veteran status information, address, birth date, job and pay history, health insurance, life insurance, and pension information; age, gender, race, union status, and more.

and in Tech Industry news…

  • Oculus unwraps Rift VR headset, plans to ship by March [Computerworld]
    Oculus Rift has unveiled a commercial version of its virtual reality headset that lets users play epic games with an immersive 360-degree field of vision. The headset will include an XBox One game controller and a suite of Xbox games and should arrive in consumers hands by March of next year.
  • Apple WWDC Brings Updates to OS X, iOS, watchOS and More [NewsFactor]
    WWDC 2015 Didn’t Need to Rouse Investors [Ecommerce Times]
    Apple held its WWDC last week, where it announced the latest updates to its products. The event held no surprises: a new incremental update to its desktop operating system, OS X named El Capitan, an update to its mobile operating system iOS 9, the launch of Apple Music, and the introduction of HomeKit devices. Apple also announced that it was updating the Apple Watch’s OS to support the development of native Watch apps by third parties.
  • iOS 9 Allows Developers To Build Ad Blockers for Safari [NewsFactor]
    Among the features in the new iOS 9 is one that will allow app developers to create apps designed to block ads in Apple’s web browser, Safari. Since Apple’s business model doesn’t depend on mining consumer’s personal data, the new feature could give Apple a leg up on Google without causing business conflicts.

and finally,

  • Samsung Debuts Mirror, Transparent OLED Displays To Engage Customers [NewsFactor]
    Samsung has unveiled a new display technology that it thinks will help retailers sell products. One of the large OLED displays is built on transparent glass allowing the image to float in the air. The other display is built on a mirror allowing customers to virtually try on clothes and jewelry.

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