#429 September 18th, 2015 – Hackers Attack Via Satellite

This week’s headline story: Hackers Attack Via Satellite

Satellite orbiting Earth (over USA territory)
Satellite orbiting Earth (over USA territory)

Russian-speaking hackers with the cyberespionage group Turla have found a way to exploit weaknesses in global satellite networks to steal data while disguising the locations of their computers, the security firm Kaspersky Lab has revealed. Researchers at the firm said the hacking group, which has infected hundreds of computers in nearly four dozen countries over its eight-plus years of operation, has found an “exquisite” way to steal information by infecting the computers of Internet users connecting via satellite.

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and in Tech Industry news…

  • New Features Coming Tomorrow with Apple’s New Mobile OS — iOS 9 [NewsFactor]
    The latest version of iOS has been released as a free upgrade. Amoung its new features, iOS9
    provides support for multitasking; a new News app; the addition of public transit information in Maps, and an updated Siri digital assistant that’s quicker to offer both answers and suggestions.

and finally…

  • Barbie Wants to Get to Know Your Child [NYTimes]
    Barbie wants to get to know your child! Mattels beloved Barbie Doll will soon become Internet connected, and will use Siri like technology to converse with children. The dialogue is specifically designed to convince Children that Barbie is their best friend.

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