#445 January 22, 2016 – Welcome to the age of implanted technologies

This week’s headline story: Welcome to the age of implanted technologies

implantInfluential tech industry leaders met in Switzerland this past week and were asked by the World Economic Forum to share their vision of the future and where society is headed. Many believe we are entering a time of momentous changes thanks to advancements in software. That includes artificial intelligence, Internet-connected devices, driverless cars, 3D printing and, yes, phones implanted in our heads.

“Now comes the second Machine Age,” says Erik Brynjolfsson, director of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy at the Sloan School of Management. “Computers and other digital advances are doing for mental power — the ability to use our brains to understand and shape our environments — what the steam engine and its descendants did for muscle power.”

The mobile phone of the future will be implanted in your head [cnet]

Other Headline News…

  • U.S. Proposes Spending $4 Billion on Self-Driving Cars [NYTimes]
    With automakers and technology companies rushing to develop self-driving cars, the Obama administration has pledged to expedite regulatory guidelines for autonomous vehicles and invest in research to help bring them to market. The government’s new support includes a request in President Obama’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year for $4 billion, to be spent over 10 years, to finance research projects and infrastructure improvements tied to driverless cars. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said that autonomous vehicles had the potential to reduce traffic accidents and significantly improve safety on America’s roads. He estimated that as many as 25,000 deaths could have been avoided last year if driverless technology had been in widespread use.
  • Consumer Advocates Push FCC on Broadband Privacy Rules [NYTimes]
    A coalition of 59 organizations on Wednesday sent a letter to U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler calling on him to get cracking on privacy protection rules for consumers. The coalition wants Wheeler to “move forward as quickly as possible on a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking proposing strong rules to protect consumers from having their personal data collected and shared by their broadband provider without affirmative consent, or for purposes other than providing broadband Internet access service.”

in Information Security News…

  • Twitter Hit by Massive Outages Worldwide [NewsFactor]
    Thousands of users of Twitter around the world reported that they were unable to access the microblogging site Monday and Tuesday this week. Of those reporting problems, roughly half complained about problems accessing Twitter via its Web site. The remaining users noted problems using Twitter’s iPad app and its Android app.

and in Tech Industry news…

  • The Rich Get Richer: Michael Dell To Reap Billions [NewsFactor]
    Michael Dell could clear up to $4.2 billion if the government buys back airwaves his investment group snapped up by acquiring a slew of local TV stations over the past few years. All told, Dell has spent about $80 million on 12 stations since 2011, according to government records.
  • Google Paid Apple $1 Billion To Be iPhone’s Main Search Engine [NewsFactor]
    Bloomberg is reporting that Google is paying Apple a whopping $1 billion annually to hold the honor of being the default search engin on iPhones and iPads.

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