#449 February 29, 2016 – Apple fights court order

This week’s headline story: Apple fights court order

applefbiThe ongoing dispute between Apple and the federal government has left the country evenly divided over which side to support. An Ipsos poll found that just under half of Americans (46 percent) support Apple’s opposition to the court order demanding that the tech giant create software to bypass the security of its iPhone for the FBI. Thirty-five percent disagreed with the company’s decision to fight the demands, and 20 percent didn’t have an opinion. Apple is scheduled to testify in Congress tomorrow that unlocking the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters would leave hundreds of millions of Apple device owners vulnerable to cybercriminals and other hackers.

Other Headline News…

  • Zuckerberg To Press on with Internet Access Despite Setback [NewsFactor]
    Indian regulators are blocking Mark Zuckerberg’s attempts to bring free Internet to the unserved masses in India. They have banned software from Zuckerberg’s Internet.org campaign called Free Basics, because it provides access only to certain pre-approved services — including Facebook — rather than the full Internet.
  • Google Eyes San Francisco for Gigabit Fiber Service [NewsFactor]
    Tech giant Google might be learning an important lesson about where it installs high-speed fiber: Go where the cabling is. The company has announced plans to take advantage of existing but unused cabling in San Francisco to bring the high-speed fiber service to some residents in that city.
  • Mercedes replaces robots with people on its assembly line [Engadget]
    Mercedes-Benz is replacing some of its high-tech workers with real live humans. As it turns out, robots can’t keep up with the degree of customization that the automaker offers on its S-Class sedans. Mercedes head of production Markus Schaefer says”We’re saving money and safeguarding our future by employing more people.” Mercedes is still using robots but in situations where they work alongside humans instead of being confined behind glass.

in Information Security News…

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and in Tech Industry news…

  • Fitbit Leads Surge in Wearable Sales [Ecommerce Times]
    Fitbit has grown to be the most popular wearable device on the market. The Fitbit fitness band makes up about a quarter of the entire Worldwide Wearable Device market, with the Apple Watch coming in second with about 18 percent. The wearable market grew 171.6 percent over the course of 2015.
  • Raspberry Pi co-founder Eben Upton is as understated as ever [Computerworld]
    For those into hacking hardware, there’s a new Raspberry Pi circuit board that’s been released. The Pi 3 has a 64-bit chip, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and a double-clocked GPU, yet it’s backwards-compatible with older models, and costs a mere $35.
  • Facebook Gives Marketers a Blank Canvas [Ecommerce Times]
    Watch for more flashy ads coming to your smart phone thanks to Facebook. The social media giant released a new tool for marketers called Canvas. Using Canvas, marketers can develop fast-loading graphically-intense advertisements that pop up when an ad is tapped in the Facebook Newsfeed.

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