#452 March 21, 2016 – Corporate Social Media Policy Violates Labor Laws

This week’s headline story: Corporate Social Media Policy Violates Labor Laws

James Kennedy, fired from Chipotle [philly.com]
James Kennedy, fired from Chipotle [philly.com]
Should employees be able to voice their unhappiness with their employer on social media without fear of recrimination? It’s a question that’s been causing a lot of controversy. Some businesses now have social media policies that ban employees from making “disparaging, false” statements about the company online. Chipotle’s restaurant has such a policy and used that policy to fire one of its employees after he had criticized the company for paying low wages. A Chipotle customer had tweeted appreciation for a great deal on Steak Bowls, and the employee replied, saying “@ChipotleTweets, nothing is free, only cheap #labor. Crew members make only $8.50hr how much is that steak bowl really?” Now, administrative law judge Susan Flynn ruled Chipotle’s social media rules violated labor laws and ordered the restaurant to post signs acknowledging some of its employee policies — and especially the social media rules — were illegal.

The Colorado-based fast-food chain must offer to rehire 3the employee and pay him for lost wages. The employee, who now has a union job with American Airlines, said he’d happily accept his back wages in the form of food vouchers. “You cannot deny that their food is delicious, but their labor policies were atrocious,” he said.

Judge: Chipotle’s Social Media Policy Violates U.S. Labor Laws [NewsFactor]

In other news:

  • Human Go Champ Says Machine Not Superior Despite 1:4 Defeat [NewsFactor]
    Human Go champion Lee Sedol says Google’s Go-playing program AlphaGo is not yet superior to humans, despite its 4:1 victory in a 5-hour match that ended last Tuesday. The 33 year old Lee, has made his living playing Go since he was 12 and is famous in South Korea even among people who do not play the game. The entire country was rooting for him to win.
  • Alphabet To Sell Robotics Subsidiary Boston Dynamics [NewsFactor]
    Boston Dynamics Atlas Video [YouTube]
    Google is exiting the robot business — at least until it becomes a little more lucrative. The tech giant’s parent company, Alphabet, is reportedly looking to sell Boston Dynamics, the firm’s robotics subsidiary, because it’s not currently showing enough revenue potential. Not only that, but the new video of Boston Dynamics humanoid robot, Atlas, has many humans feeling nervous about the future of humanity! See the video and read the article using links in the show notes.

in Information Security News…

  • Amazon May Let You Pay With a Wink and a Nod [Ecommerce Times]
    Amazon is experimenting with a new form of authentication for online purchases: Selfies! To pay online, the shopper snaps a selfie which Amazon compares to the one on record. The 2nd step requires the shopper to perform a requested action, such as winking, to verify that the image is of a live human being. Selfie authentication is more secure than passwords, which can be stolen or misused, according to Amazon.

and in Tech Industry news…

  • Microsoft Reportedly Set To Launch Windows 10 Mobile [NewsFactor]
    For all of you Windows Phone users, and apparently there aren’t very many of you, Microsoft is expected to release Windows 10 Mobile this week. The new operating system for Windows 10 mobile devices has been delayed repeatedly, and arrives nearly eight months after the July 29 release of Windows 10. According to the latest data from NetMarketShare, the Windows Phone share of the mobile device operating system market stands at 2.57 percent. The leading mobile OS is Android, at 59.65 percent, followed by Apple’s iOS, with 32.28 percent.
  • Instagram To Order Feeds by Relevance Rather than Chronology [NewsFactor]
    Like Twitter, Instagram is moving to reorder the feed of updates its users see from one based on chronology to one based on relevance. The “new experience” will be rolled out over the coming months. The move isn’t surprising, as Facebook — which owns Instagram — has already made numerous algorithmic changes to its News Feed to show users the most relevant updates first.
  • Nike Unveils Its First Self-Lacing Sneaker [NewsFactor]
    Nike has unveiled the first self lacing sneaker! Press buttons on the side of the shoe to make your laces tighter or looser.
  • Comcast Launches 1 Gigabit Broadband in Atlanta [NewsFactor]
    Comcast is following both Google Fiber, and AT&T in offering Gigabit broadband in Atlanta. The company plans to expand its Gigabit offerings to Chicago, Detroit and Miami next once again following Google and AT&T’s lead. I think Comcast should consider being the first with fiber in a new markets, say, like my home town of Tallahassee!

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