#461 May 23, 2016 – Google Products Get Smarter!

This week’s headline story: Google Products Get Smarter!

GOOGLE-HomeCompanies are investigating BIG in artificial intelligence, and this past week Google provided a peek at what it’s been working on in the area or AI at it’s annual Developers Conference. This year’s conference was all about SMARTER! Smarter artificial intelligence, smarter messaging services, smarter home technology, and smarter smartphones.

Google has ramped up its efforts in machine learning with a powerful new artificial intelligence tool named Google Assistant. According to Google, about 20% of searches done on Android phones are voice searches. Google Assistant will expand on that service using smarter voice recognition and natural language learning. Users can have a conversation with the virtual assistant, ask for movie recommendations, book tickets and perform complex searches.

Google has also unveiled a home table-top device named Google Home. Similar to Amazon Echo, Google Home is always listening, waiting for a command to play music, adjust the home temperature, run a Google search, order meals, send flowers or book rides.

Finally, Google announced a new chip it has developed named the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) that accelerates the process of machine learning. Google’s TPU excels at tasks such as data analysis and voice translation.

In addition to AI products, Google also unveiled a new messaging app named Allo, and a new one-on-one video calling app named Duo, the newest version of Android named Android N with a Virtual Reality mode, and Daydream, a virtual reality platform for Android.

in Information Security News…

  • LinkedIn Passwords from 117M Accounts Hacked and Up for Sale [NewsFactor]
    A four-year-old data breach at LinkedIn has returned to haunt the professional networking site, with the recent discovery that 117 million user emails and passwords were being offered for sale on the dark Web.
    LinkedIn says it is “moving swiftly” to address the issue by working to invalidate passwords for at-risk accounts and contacting individual users to advise them to reset their passwords.

and in Tech Industry news…

  • IDC: Google Chromebooks Outsell Macs for the First Time [NewsFactor]
    While PC sales have been declining globally, one type of PC has seen increasing sales this year in the U.S. Is it Windows? of Macs? No! It’s Google’s cloud-based Chromebooks, that have been performing strongly, especially in the education sector. In fact, Chromebooks from Dell, HP and Lenovo were — for the first time — stronger than sales of Apple’s Macs during the first quarter of this year.
  • Apple’s New SF Store Showcases Jony Ive’s Design Vision [Wired]
    Apple stores will be getting an update. A flagship store sporting the new design has opened in the heart of San Francisco, in Union Square. The new design blends indoor and outdoor environments, with a lot os space dedicated to hanging out. Take the video tour using the links in the show notes.


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