#469 July 18, 2016 – Battling Isis on Social Media

This week’s headline story: Battling ISIS on Social Media

anti-isis anti-isisThe U.S.-led coalition working to defeat the Islamic State, is battling the radical Islamic group on multiple fronts, including social media. They have countered jihadi online propaganda with a flood of online images and statements about suffering and enslavement at the hands of the extremist organization. Among the images: A teddy bear with Arabic writing and messages saying IS “slaughters childhood,” ”kills innocence,” ”lashes purity” or “humiliates children.” A male hand covering a female’s mouth, saying IS “deprives woman her voice.” The effort appears to be working. The Islamic State group’s Twitter traffic has plunged 45 percent over the past two years.

other Technology Headlines…

  • White House Announces $400M Initiative for 5G Wireless Tech [NewsFactor]
    Efforts to upgrade U.S. communications infrastructure to 5G technology just got a big boost from the federal government. The Obama Administration announced the launch of a $400 million Advanced Wireless Research Initiative, led by the National Science Foundation (NSF), designed to accelerate the deployment of next-generation wireless technology.
  • European Union and U.S. Agree on New Data-Sharing Rules [NewsFactor]
    Following months of negotiations and uncertainty, the US and EU have approved new data-sharing rules that they have named named Privacy Shield. Privacy Shield replaces the defunct Safe Harbor agreement providing US businesses with a simple, legal means by which to export the personal information of European Union citizens to the U.S.. Companies can register their compliance with Privacy Shield beginning August 1. U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker said that for businesses, the new data flow framework will “facilitate more trade across our borders, more collaboration across the Atlantic, and more job creating investments in our communities. For consumers, the framework will ensure you have access to your favorite online services and the latest technologies, while strongly protecting your privacy.”
  • Germany to require ‘black box’ in autonomous cars [Reuters]
    Germany will require manufacturers of autonomous cars to install a black box to help determine responsibility in the event of an accident. The news comes less than two weeks after the fatal crash of a Tesla Model S car in its Autopilot mode.
  • Science on the verge of creating ’emotional’ computer [Phys.org]
    Researchers from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI are developing an emotion-based artificial intelligence that has both narrative and emotional intellect. The new generation of AI will understand the context of what is going on, as well as unfolding scenarios and based on this information will make plans and set targets.

in Information Security News…

  • Pokémon Go down, target of DDoS attack [Computerworld]
    Many Pokemon Go enthusiasts were heartbroken over the weekend as they found themselves unable to login to the new augmented reality sensation. A hacking team called OurMine spent much of the weekend hitting Pokémon Go with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, leaving some players frustrated and unable to log in.

and in Tech Industry News…

  • Amazon’s Prime Day Forces Rivals To Celebrate Black Friday in July [NewsFactor]
    Black Friday in July? Sure enough! Thanks to Amazon. Amazon’s Prime Day, offering Prime members Black Friday style deals, has forced all of its rivals to run similar sales. Macy’s “Black Friday in July” sale just concluded, while Best Buy is throwing an identically named sale on July 22 and 23. Both Kohl’s and Toys R Us are also offering extra discounts.

and finally,

  • AT&T Using Drones To Inspect Cell Towers [NewsFactor]
    AT&T is putting unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – more commonly referred to as Drones, to work. The company is using drones to inspect its cell towers, and plans to use them to deploy extra wireless bandwidth at concerts and other densely populated events.

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