#474 August 22, 2016 – NSA Hacking Kit Leaked Online

This week’s headline story: NSA Hacking Kit Leaked Online

nsaGovernments and corporations around the world are preparing for the worst, as some of the most powerful hacking and espionage tools have been released into the wild over the dark web. Created by the National Security Agency’s elite group of hackers, known as Tailored Access Operations (TAO), the toolkit, packed full of sophisticated hacking tools,was released to the Internet by a group calling themselves “the Shadow Brokers”. They claim the kit can be used to hack into any computer. Edward Snowden, and some former NSA hackers suspect Russian involvement in the release of the toolkit, saying that it is a likely response to allegations against the Russian government for hacking the Democratic National Committee.

other Technology Headlines…

  • Ford Says It Will Have a Fully Autonomous Car by 2021 [NewsFactor]
    Ford Motor Co. has announced its plans to have a fully driverless vehicle — no steering wheel, no pedals — on the road within five years. The car will initially be used for commercial ride-hailing or ride-sharing services, with sales to consumers coming later.
  • SolidEnergy Says It Can Double Battery Power of Consumer Electronics [NewsFactor]
    Ready to get more life out of your cell phone battery? MIT alums at the company SolidEnergy have developed a new kind of lithium battery that packs the same energy as standard lithium-ion cells in half the size. The company aims to bring the batteries to smartphones and wearables in early 2017, and to electric cars in 2018.

in Information Security News…

  • Security Experts: Remotes Are Hackable on Many Vehicles [NewsFactor]
    These days, most of us click a button on our keychain to lock and unlock our vehical. I recently reported that the remote entry systems on millions of cars made by Volkswagen can be hacked to permit unauthorized access to the car’s interior. Now another exploit has been shown to offer the same keyless access to vehicles from Ford, Chevrolet and Renault.
  • Hacker Posts Personal Info of House Democrats and Staff [NewsFactor]
    A breach targetting the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and other Democratic Party entities, exposed personal information of hundreds of Democratic governmental officials. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she is changing her phone number and advised her colleagues to do the same after receiving scores of obscene calls, voicemails and text messages.

and in Tech Industry News…

  • AT&T Rolls Out New Mobile Plans, Eliminates Data Overage Fees [NewsFactor]
    Wireless Wars Heat Up with Even More Unlimited Data Plans [NewsFactor]
    The big wireless carriers are rolling out new data plans intended to do away with data overage fees. AT&T is launching new wireless plans that throttle download speeds when users reach their monthly data caps rather than charging penalties. Verizon made similar changes to its mobile plans last month with the addition of a “Safety Mode” app that lets customers slow down their data speeds to avoid overage charges. T-Mobile and Sprint have followed suite unveiling rival wireless plans with unlimited data usage and imposed data throttling when users reach a certain limit.

and finally,

  • Uber Buys Self-Driving Truck Biz and Tests Autonomous Cars [NewsFactor]
    Ride hailing giant, Uber, has purchased the self-driving truck startup, Otto. Otto has been testing sensor-equipped autonomous semi trucks, in an effort to improve highway safety and trucking efficiency.
    The purchase is expected to assist Uber in its own ambitions to develop a driverless vehical, which it plans to begin testing later this month.

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