Technews Pinboard 488 – Jan 27, 2017

Ajit Pai

Trump FCC Chair Pick Puts Net Neutrality in Crosshairs | NewsFactor Network
Ajit Pai, named the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission by President Donald Trump yesterday, is likely to seek changes to the organization’s stance on Net Neutrality. Pai was one of two commissioners to vote against the FCC’s 3-2 approval of the Open Internet Order in early 2015.

Google reacts to Trump immigration order by recalling staff
According to Bloomberg, the employees in question work in the US but are abroad either on business or for a vacation. A lot of them tried to get back into the country before the President signed on the dotted line, but not everyone made it back in time.

Google Gets Rid of 1.7 Billion Bad Ads | Online Advertising | E-Commerce Times
Google on Wednesday said it removed 1.7 billion bad advertisements from its various sites in 2016, more than double the prior year’s totals. Google took several steps to crack down on the deceptive advertising, including updating its policies to protect users from “misleading and predatory offers.” It also beefed up its technology to help identify misleading ads and remove them, according to Scott Spencer, Google’s director of product management, sustainable ads.

Saudi Arabia Warns Destructive Computer Virus Has Returned | NewsFactor Network
Saudi Arabia is warning that a computer virus that destroyed systems of its state-run oil company in 2012 has returned to the kingdom, with at least one major petrochemical company apparently affected by its spread.
Suspicion for the initial dispersal of the Shamoon virus in 2012 fell on Iran as it came after the Stuxnet cyberattack targeting Tehran’s contested nuclear enrichment program.

Apple Joining Google, Amazon, Facebook on Artificial Intelligence | NewsFactor Network
Appe is reportedly planning to join the Partnership on AI, an industry group aimed at studying and formulating best practices for artificial intelligence (AI) technology.
Apple would be joining other technology companies in the group, including Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Although an announcement is expected as soon as this week, neither Apple nor the partnership has issued any official comment on the move.

Facebook Takes Aim at Fake News with New ‘Trending’ Formula | NewsFactor Network
Facebook is updating its “trending” feature that highlights hot topics on its social networking site, part of its effort to root out the kind of fake news stories that critics contend helped Donald Trump become president.
With the changes announced Wednesday, Facebook’s trending list will consist of topics being covered by several publishers. Before, it focused on subjects drawing the biggest crowds of people sharing or commenting on posts.

Facebook Is Testing News Feed-Style Ads Inside Messenger | NewsFactor Network
Facebook said last summer that it was running out of places to show users ads in News Feed, its moneymaking machine, meaning it would need to sell ads elsewhere to keep growing. On Wednesday, Facebook announced that it has found a new place: Inside Messenger, its standalone messaging app.

Rogue Tweeters in Government Could Be Prosecuted as Hackers | NewsFactor Network
The online campaign began with unauthorized tweets — on subjects such as climate change inconsistent with Trump’s campaign statements and policies — that have been mostly deleted from official agency accounts. It shifted tactics Thursday as at least 40 new but unofficial “alternative” accounts for federal agencies began spreading across Twitter. It wasn’t clear how many unofficial accounts were run by government employees, but there were early indications that at least some were created by federal workers using their work email addresses — and that may have exposed their identities.

AI System as Good as Experts at Recognizing Skin Cancers | NewsFactor Network
The US-based researchers say the new system, which is based on image recognition, could be developed for smartphones, increasing access to screening and providing a low-cost way to check whether skin lesions are cause for concern.

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