Technews Pinboard 491 – Feb 18, 2017

Robotic bee could help pollinate crops as real bees decline | New Scientist
A drone that can pollinate flowers may one day work side by side with bees to
improve crop yields.

No More Resumes? Your Next Click Might Determine Your Job | NewsFactor Network
Increasingly, the traditional CV and interview are being abandoned as firms use new forms of data aggregation to find employees. This new field of recruitment, dubbed workforce science, is based on the idea that the data individuals create while doing things online can be harvested and interpreted and to provide a better idea of a person’s suitability than traditional methods.

Elon Musk Says Humans Must Become Cyborgs To Stay Relevant | NewsFactor Network
Humans must become cyborgs if they are to stay relevant in a future dominated by artificial intelligence. That was the warning from Tesla founder Elon Musk, speaking at an event in Dubai this weekend.

Facebook Gunning for LinkedIn with New Job Search Functionality | NewsFactor Network
Social media giant Facebook is aiming to go head-to-head with LinkedIn. The world’s largest social network announced today that it has launched several new features on its Web site to make it easier for employers to get in contact with job seekers.

Zuckerberg’s Goal: Remake a World Facebook Helped Create | NewsFactor Network
“Across the world there are people left behind by globalization, and movements for withdrawing from global connection,” Zuckerberg, who founded Facebook in a Harvard dorm room in 2004, wrote on Thursday. So it falls to his company to “develop the social infrastructure to give people the power to build a global community that works for all of us.”

Fake News Is ‘Killing People’s Minds’, Says Apple Boss Tim Cook | NewsFactor Network
Fake news is “killing people’s minds”, Tim Cook, the head of Apple, has said. The technology boss said firms such as his own needed to create tools that would help stem the spread of falsehoods, without impinging on freedom of speech.

GM and Lyft could deliver a self-driving fleet next year
GM and Lyft announced their self-driving joint venture over a year ago, and now Reuters is hearing 2018 could be a big year for the effort. While a clear set of nationwide rules on autonomous cars could probably help solidify any plans, the outlet claims their test fleet could include “thousands” of Chevy Bolt EVs, making it the largest group by far. Last May, a WSJ rumor indicated that the test could launch within a year in one city.

Snap Values Itself at Up to $22B Ahead of IPO | NewsFactor Network
Snap Inc. said in a regulatory filing Thursday that the IPO is likely to be priced between $14 and $16 per share. Had the IPO price matched the $30.72 per-share price obtained in its last round of financing, Snap would have a market value of about $30 billion, based on the quantity of outstanding stock listed in its IPO documents.

Google ‘Project Loon’ Discovery Hastens Internet-via-Balloon Reality | NewsFactor Network
The breakthrough consists of a change to the project’s navigational algorithm, which is now capable of sending small teams of balloons to form a cluster of access points over a specific geographic region, according to Teller. “This is a shift from our original model for Loon in which we planned to create rings of balloons sailing around the globe, and balloons would take turns moving through a region to provide service,” Teller said.

Up, Up and Away: Passenger-Carrying Drone To Fly in Dubai | NewsFactor Network
Up, up and away: Dubai hopes to have a passenger-carrying drone regularly buzzing through the skyline of this futuristic city-state in July.

The Bright-Eyed Talking Doll That Just Might Be a Spy – The New York Times
Cayla is a blond, bright-eyed doll that chatters about horses and hobbies. She plays games and accurately answers questions about the world at large. She could also be eavesdropping on your child.

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