Technews Pinboard 492 – Feb 27, 2017

UPS Tests Launching Delivery Drones from Its Trucks | NewsFactor Network
The drone was mounted on the top of a delivery truck. The driver loaded a package into a cage from inside the truck, which is suspended under the drone through a hatch. The roof slid back to expose the drone, the driver pressed a button on a tablet and the drone was off to fly autonomously to its destination.

Google Cracks Key Security Code, Calls for New Standard | Enterprise Security | E-Commerce Times
Google on Thursday announced that its two years of collaboration with CWI, the Netherlands’ national research institute for mathematics and computer science, resulted in the launch of a successful attack against the SHA-1 cryptographic algorithm, a widely used standard protocol used to protect sensitive data in millions of computers.

Google Launches Troll-Fighting Tool Powered by Machine Learning | NewsFactor Network
The rise of abusive remarks in online comments sections has prompted some publishers to do away with the comments feature altogether. But Google said its technology incubator has developed an alternative solution: a troll filter dubbed Perspective that’s powered by machine learning.

Report: Ransomware Attacks Are Growing, Shifting Rapidly | NewsFactor Network
Global ransomware attacks doubled during the second half of 2016. This is according to Israeli-based security solutions vendor Check Point Software Technologies in its H2 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Trends report.

Biggest Web Security Breach of the Year: Change Your Passwords Now | NewsFactor Network
Time to change your passwords again. A new security bug nicknamed ‘Cloudbleed’ may have compromised the security of user data at sites using the Cloudflare security service. At risk are logins and passwords for millions of Web sites.

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