Assignment 1: UNIX & XHTML

100 points

PART I (20 points). Create a directory structure in your public_html directory for CGS3066 assignments.

Please note that UNIX is case sensitive and does not allow spaces in file names. So when instructed to make a directory names A2 makes sure you use an upper case A.

Create the directory structure illustrated below in your garnet home directory. Do so by creating a directory named public_html, and in your public_html directory create a directory named CGS3066. Inside the CGS3066 directory create four subdirectories names A1, A2, A3, A4 for our four assignments. Change the permissions on all directories (including your home directory) so the world can view them.

Tip: Once finished, test out your public_html directory and subdirectories by viewing them from the Web using a Web browser to make sure that they are all accessible.

PART II (30 points)

Create an html file similar to this example (click here to view screen shot) that includes all of the (X)HTML tags covered in the first XHTML tutorial. Make sure you include an appropriate title to display in the browser title bar. Your Web page should look professional and include interesting content. Save the file as xhtml1-username.html (using your FSU username) in your A1 folder on garnet.

Grading criteria

<html></html> 1
<head></head> 1
<title></title> 2
<body></body> 1
<h1></h1>, <h2></h2>, <h3></h3> 2
<strong></strong> 2
<em></em> 2
<p></p> 2
<br /> 1
<hr /> 2
<ol><li></li></ol> 3
<ul><li></li></ul> 3
<a></a> 4

4 points for being validated as XHTML 1.1 compliant at

** 5 points extra credit for copyright symbol.

Make sure to check your page and links from

PART III (50 points)

This part of the assignment covers the skills taught in the second XHTML tutorial. Create a multiple-page Web site that includes a home page (click to see example screenshot), a class schedule page (click to see example), and a photo page (click to see example). Each page should include a title and a menu with links to the other two Web pages, your first Web page (from Part II, xhtml1-username.html), and FSU's Web site. The (X)HTML code of each page should include comments that include your name, the date, and a note about the page contents. Like this:

<!-- Joanne Reginald -->
<!-- January 20, 2007 -->
<!-- My weekly class schedule -->

After completing the Web site on your own PC, transfer all files to the A1 folder on garnet. Make sure that all files maintain their location in relation to one another so that references to images and linked files work on the server as they do on your PC. Tip: locate all html and image file in a folder on your PC named A1. Then transfer the entire folder to your CGS3066 folder on garnet. Don't forget to change permission on all files and folders.

Grading criteria

  • File: username-home.html (15 points)
    • Commented code
    • Title, subtitle, horizontal lines, and footer as in example
    • Formatted as in example
    • Menu as in example
    • Working links to schedule, photos, xhtml1-username.html, and FSU
    • 1 small image as in example
    • Commented code
  • File: username-schedule.html (15 points)
    • Same content and design as home page, but without image, with new title, and replacing Schedule link with Home link in menu.
    • Commented code
    • 6 X 10 table showing real or made up class schedule as in example
  • File: username-photos.html (15 points)
    • Same content and design as home page, but without image, with new title, and replacing Photos link with Home link in menu.
    • Commented code
    • 2 X 2 table with border width set to zero (to make it invisible)
    • One photo in each table cell each with width no larger than 300 as in example

    5 points for all three pages being validated as XHTML 1.1 compliant at

Make sure to check your page and links from