DBAccess by

Table Field WrittenBy DataType Restriction Comment


ssn EnterStaffData Text Staff SSN

title EnterStaffData Text


course ImportCourseData Text

crn ImportCourseData Text

lecInstructor AssignTeachers Text SSN

recInstructor ClassScheduler Text Also written by AssignTeachers

section ImportCourseData Text

semester ImportCourseData Text 1=Spring, 6=Summer, 9=Fall, + 2 digit year


description EnterCourseWork Text

gradingKey EnterCourseWork Hyperlink link to assignment

title EnterCourseWork Text

value EnterCourseWork Number <1000


assignmentName EnterGrades Text

comments EnterGrades Memo Cheating, Missing Disk, etc,

crn EnterGrades Text

graderSSN EnterGrades Text SSN of staff who entered grade

late EnterGrades Yes/No

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