DBAccess by Writer

WrittenBy Table Field DataType Restriction Comment


CourseData lecInstructor Text SSN


CourseData recInstructor Text Also written by AssignTeachers


Offices bldg Text

Offices phone Text

Offices room Text

Offices workstations Number


Titles description Text

Titles officeHoursRequired Number <20

Titles title Text


CourseWork description Text

CourseWork gradingKey Hyperlink link to assignment

CourseWork title Text

CourseWork value Number <1000


Grades assignmentName Text

Grades comments Memo Cheating, Missing Disk, etc,

Grades crn Text

Grades graderSSN Text SSN of staff who entered grade

Grades late Yes/No

Grades lateDeduction Number <100 Amount of points deducted

Grades score Number <1000 include late deduction

Grades semester Text 1=Spring, 6=Summer, 9=Fall, + 2 digit year

Grades ssn Text

StudentData memo Memo

TestData tester Text

Testing approvedBy Text Staff name or ssn for makeup exam approval

Testing score Number <1000

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