Summer 2000 DIS: Intranet Database Programming

Meeting 2

Topics for Discussion

  1. Michael and Ken presented the first version of the database structure


  1. It was decided that:
    1. A generic design should be adopted from the start, one that allows for configuration to different course needs. For instance the DBMS should allow for:
      1. grading methods based on percentages or point scale
      2. varying amounts of grade-earning activities (assignments, quizzes, exams) and their associated values
      3. supervisor-defined user-access levels (lecturer, recitation, grader, etc)
    2. The target-user for this system will be supervisors of large enrollment courses, thus filling a need that FSU's Course Info system overlooks.
    3. We will treat our Web-based sections as a separate course since it uses a different grading scale (q. Should we treat CGS2060 and CGS2100 as two separate courses?)
    4. Entry into the VB system will be via username and password. Users will be granted access to data according to their title.
    5. This project is sizable enough that an organizational tool is needed. Cesar presented UML (Universal MarkUp Language?) as an option. It was agreed that Cesar would take the responsibility of representing the project with UML while educating the rest of us to the extent of understanding the UML representation.

Pending Business

    There was discussion concerning the level of automation that should be programmed into assignment grading. Should assignments be graded on screen or on paper? On-screen grading would give the supervisor more control over grading consistency and accuracy, points automatically totaled, late penalties automatically deducted. It would also give the supervisor the ability to review the reason for point deductions.On the other hand, paper grading may be more convenient and timesaving for the grader. On-screen grading would add the inconvenience of working in multiple windows. Conclusion needs to be reached.

    1. Use the UML representation of the project to break the project into its essential components that can then be prioritized and assigned to subgroups and group members.
    2. Time to come up with a "Snazzy" Name for our software package. Email you suggestions to me, we'll vote at next meeting. A couple ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
      • Course Manager
      • Organizer for Teachers
      • A+ Management Software (for Teachers)