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The Internet Complete Reference, Second Edition, Hahn

Chapters 16 - 17

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What Is Gopher?

Gopher is a menu-driven information system that is particularly easy to use. 

Gopher is a Client/Server program.

There are thousands of Gopher servers in use today although much of the information previously available through Gopher is now migrating to the Web.

Each Gopher server provides a menu of local information and other Gopher servers. A selected menu item may open a text file, present another submenu, or transfer you to a menu on another Gopher server.

Gopherspace is a term which refers to the collection through connection of all Gopher servers and the total amount of information that they provide.

You can jump into Gopherspace from any Gopher server and have access to all information in Gopherspace.


Which Gopher Client Should You Use?

Shell accounts use "gopher".

PPP accounts and GUI environments may choose between accessing Gopherspace via your Web Browser or via a program designed specifically to access Gopherspace.

Gopher Addresses

When using a Gopher client, you may type in the address as

When using a Web Browser precede the Gopher address with gopher://

History Lists and Bookmarks Lists are very handy for keeping track of your favorite Gopher sites.

Different Types of Resources

Menu item titles may be followed by indicators which tell you something about the item.

<TEL>: Opens a telnet connection.

<CSO>: Will begin a user search via the CSO nameserver.

<?>: Will give you access to a searchable database.

<Picture>: A picture file. Needs for you to have a picture viewer specified in your user options.

<): Indicates a sound file. Needs a sound player configured.

<Bin>: A binary file

See Figure 17-2 for more details.

What Is Veronica?

Veronica is a Gopher-based resource that allows you to search Gopherspace for menu items that contain specified words.

There are a number of veronica servers around the Internet.

You can find a listing of veronica servers by choosing the Gopher Menu item "Other Gopher and Information Servers" then choosing "Search titles in Gopherspace using veronica".

Read "How to compose veronica Queries" and "FAQ about veronica" to learn more about veronica.

What is Jughead?

Jughead is veronica on a local level.

Jughead searches the contents of one Gopher server.


Gopher Tutorial

Running gopher from the Unix prompt:


Entering Gopherspace from the Netscape Web Broswer


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