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Curriculum Vitae

Teaching technology skills and topics to college students is perhaps the most interesting, rewarding, challenging, and important job in education. It is interesting in that digital technologies are a rapidly evolving area of study that is of exponentially increasing importance in our lives. It is challenging in that students often feel they know all there is to know about technology, when in reality most have only scratched the surface of valuable marketable skills. It is rewarding in that good teaching will light a fire in students that leads to understanding how to apply technology solutions to solve life’s challenges. It is important in that all of humanity relies on technological innovation to improve our quality of life, improve our global environment, and provide understanding of life’s most complex mysteries.

Over the years, I have been involved in developing many classes and class materials. I have authored textbooks, created educational media, and developed learning systems. I have spoken to educators at numerous conferences and forums. This site serves as a repository for my work to assist me in information management, and to make my work available to other technology teachers to use. I hope that you are able to find something of use here. If you have any suggestions regarding the site and its content, please email me kbaldauf@fsu.edu.

Teacher Director of Florida State University’s Program in Interdisciplinary Computing, I am responsible for developing and teaching computer and technology courses for students in a wide range of disciplines using new and innovative teaching methods.

Author With a strong desire to bring important concepts and understanding to students, in a manner that they find engaging, I have authored several textbooks, including: Succeeding with Technology (Course Technology Pub.), currently in its fourth edition, and Principles of Information Systems (Course Technology Pub.), in its 9th edition.

Learning Systems Developer Understanding that today’s students learn best through multiple forms of media, I have developed educational podcasts, or Coursecasts, available through Course Technology Pub at http://coursecasts.course.com, and a revolutionary approach to teaching technology concepts, issues, and skills utilizing a fully online learning framework, called Emerge with Computers (Course Technology Pub.).

Researcher I spend a great deal of time researching issues surrounding computer and information literacy/competency/fluency, Web development technologies, and technologies associated with various disciplines in order to insure that what I teach will serve my students well throughout life. I am also a gadget junkie that enjoys reviewing all the latest technologies and analyzing their potential impact on society. I travel and present the findings of my research to peers at academic conferences.