Apple’s Announcement and the Fight In the Livingroom

This week Apple rolled out its next generation iPods including an iPod Touch with cameras to support Facetime, which you may recall is Apple’s video phone software for WiFi networks. The new iPod Nano is half the size of the old Nano and features a touchscreen and an FM radio. An upgrade to iTunes includes a music-centered social network called Ping that lets iTunes users connect with friends to share their musical tastes, and follow artists for news, videos, and information. Besides new iTunes and iPods, Apple also unveiled a new Apple TV which is half the price and a quarter of the size of the previous model. For $99 the new Apple TV provides users with streamed movies from computer or a NetFlix account and on demand television programs and movies.

Apple isn’t the only company working to bring Internet TV to your living room. Google is reportedly engaged in talks with major Hollywood studios to bring rental movies to YouTube. Google is also working with music labels to open its own online music store to compete with Apple’s iTunes. Amazon is in the race as well. The company is reportedly in talks with several major media companies including NBC Universal, Time Warner, and Viacom to open a video subscription service similar to NetFlix. Clearly the next major tech battle field is the livingroom.