News from MWC

The Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona Spain last week, and companies involved in the mobile phone industry traveled from far and wide to attend and show off their latest technologies. Among the highlights from the event were some major announcements that promise to propel the industry forward by increasing competition between the big players in the smart phone industry.

Perhaps the biggest revelation from the MWC was the unveiling of Microsoft’s new mobile OS. Microsoft’s new version of Windows for smart phones, throws out the old name, Windows Mobile, along with its design and starts fresh. Windows Phone 7 is being promoted as a phenomenal phone experience, that provides a collection of integrated software hubs rather than thousands of unrelated apps. Windows Phone 7 claims to be a new beginning for smart phones that breaks through the barriers confronted by all the other smart phones on the market. It provides an experience that allows users to keep their lives in motion. A YouTube search on “life in motion” will get you Microsoft’s promo video of its new platform.

Microsoft anticipates dozens of new handsets running its Windows Phone 7 by the end of the year. They will face tough competition though, from dozens of new phones running Google’s Android OS. HTC, the manufacturer of Google’s Nexus One handset, presented three brand new impressive models at the MWC: the Legend, the Desire, and the HD mini – each improving on the features offered on the Nexus One. Also, Intel and Nokia announced a partnership that will provide yet another platform to entice Smartphone shoppers. They are calling the platform Meego, and its based on Linux to run on robust smart phones and lightweight netbooks.

So the big players in the mobile industry are geared up for major competition in the coming months and years. In one corner there is Apple’s iPhone, which in many ways started the smart phone craze but will have to follow up with some new innovation to maintain its popularity – or perhaps it will move on to jump start a new craze with its soon to be released iPad. In another corner is Google Android which claims to be shipping 20,000 handsets per day. Analysts anticipate that Android will take over the market with the many new handsets running on all the carriers, coming out this year. Then there’s Palm and its Web OS that is struggling but staying afloat. Now we have Microsoft Windows Phone 7. Until last week, everyone had pretty much written Microsoft off in the Mobile market, but now Microsoft has regained everyone’s attention. And finally there’s the new Intel-Nokia alliance and Meego which promises to be a powerful force in this competition. By the end of the year there will be bo shortage of smart phones to choose from, and with the heated competition, new and exciting features will be emerging, and prices are sure to come down.